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Integrated Transitional Care Services //

A coordinated care provided to patients after acute hospitalization. Referrals from acute care hospitals before patient discharge to the next level of care. Our company will coordinate with hospital's discharge planners and ancillary care providers. We assist the patient at home and to their primary physician's follow-up set-up and transportation.


Our program is at no cost to the hospital or to the patient. We work directly with insurance company, services that are not covered by insurance company such as transportation services and some custodial care while patient is recuparating within the next 30 days of hospital discharge is all subsidized through our company grants and charitable funding.



Short term aggressive rehabilitation program in a home-setting environment. Average length of stay is 30-45 days. Patients are admitted in a comprehensive rehab program specifically designed to get them ready to go home and slowly integrate to the community.



An 8-hour integrated inter-disciplinary approach to help patients and their love one's cope with chronic pain issues and establish a new life based on knowledge and understanding of their chronic condition. When everything failed; we help you and your love one's cope and face the challenges of life with understanding and compassion.

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